MGM no longer exists on the Culver City lot
only remnants of the glory days.  Today the lot is
the home of Sony Pictures Studio Columbia
Tri-Star. Aside from exterior facades as pictured
left, and the sound stages very little remains of
the original studio.

Very little is mentioned on the Sony studio tours
of the MGM era.  If you want to know about the
MGM years you usually have to ask.

Former Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios in Culver
City, California. Located on Washington Blvd.
The studio property has changed owners over the
last few years: Metro Goldwyn Mayer (M.G.M.),
Turner Broadcasting Company, Lorimar,
Warner Brothers, Columbia, Sony.  Photo taken
on October 8, 2007. Photo taken at the
intersection of Washington Blvd and Jasmine.
Left side of column building. original office
building demolished with new building built in
the rear with the original column facade retained.
MGM Headquarters Thalberg Building as it looks today which housed L.B. Mayers Office.
Adjacent is a photo from 1976 Photos by O. Lytle Hoover
Former MGM Maingate today at Sony Pictures Studios this is now
on the interior of the studio lot. Prior it was a drive up gate which
many of the most notable stars reported to work through over the
MGM Maingate 1988 during the short Lorimar Telepictures tenure.
Photo by O. Lytle Hoover
MGM Maingate 1976
Photo by O. Lytle Hoover
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