Stanley Kramer - Producer/Director 1913 -2001

Directed 14 different actors in Oscar-nominated
performances: Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore
Bikel, Cara Williams, Spencer Tracy, Maximilian Schell,
Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift, Oskar Werner,
Michael Dunn, Simone Signoret, Katharine Hepburn,
Cecil Kellaway and Beah Richards. Hepburn and Schell
won Oscars for their performances in one of Kramer's

[on Katharine Hepburn] The most completely thorough,
driving, constantly seeking actress with whom I'm been
associated. She's never really satisfied; she never stops
thinking about what she's doing and about what
everybody else is doing. She is a marvelous woman who
has a capacity for many emotional areas and she has
great talent. She can trigger an emotional truth at
precisely the right time. I don't know what she draws on;
it's a deep, deep well.

Stanley Kramer's Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.
There is no more richly coveted award for a Hollywood
producer than the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award -- and this
is Stanley Kramer's Thalberg Award  presented at the
April 9, 1962 Oscar ceremony after the release of
Judgement at Nuremberg, which Kramer produced and
directed. By way of background, the Academy instituted
the award in 1937, the year after Thalberg, MGM's
legendary Boy Wonder producer, died at the age of only
37.  The plaque reads Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award To
Stanley Kramer For Consistent High Quality of
Production Achievement. By the way, Kramer, accepting
his Thalberg  from producer Arthur Freed, said in his
speech, "Unfortunately, I didn't know Irving Thalberg,
but my grandmother and his mother were bridge
partners." An awesome award, both in its artistry and
the Hollywood history it represents. From the Stanley
Kramer Estate.
Stanley Kramer Irving Thalberg Award
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