December 12, 1962 Letter from Maragert Herrick

Margaret Herrick (September 27, 1902-June 21, 1976),
was the librarian and director of the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Herrick is generally
credited with naming the Academy Award an "Oscar",
declaring the statuettes "looked just like my
Uncle Oscar.  However, others, including Academy
President Bette Davis, have claimed they invented the

She was born in Spokane, Washington, United States.
Her maiden name was Margaret Buck. Margaret
graduated from the University of Washington. Her
husband was Phillip Abbot Herrick (1899-1968). She
was librarian of Yakima, Washington, in 1928 before
coming to Hollywood, California in 1931 and became
the academy's first librarian. She served in that
capacity until 1943 when she became the executive
director, retiring in January 1971. The academy's
extensive library in Beverly Hills, California, of material
on films is named in her honor.
Margaret Herrick Letter 1962
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