M-G-M moved to M-G-M Plaza in Santa Monica. This facility occupied an
entire city block.  There were no studio facilities at this new Santa
Monica location. M-G-M is and was no longer a real studio, in the classic
sense of the word. It had no back lot, sound stages, or production
facilities. When M-G-M wants to make a movie, it rents space at
another studio. What M-G-M does do, though, is continue to come up
with financing and produce about 10-12 movies a year (less than half of
what most other studios grind out). And it owns certain bankable
franchises such as the James Bond series

In 2003 after ten years in Santa Monica M-G-M moved again to Century
City. (pictured above and right) Century City has seen a lot of stars
come and go  over the last decade, but none as big and extravagant as
MGM Tower, the first major high-rise built in Los Angeles in 10 years.

The MGM Tower is the 5th tallest building in Century City, a large
business district in Los Angeles prestigious Westside, full of class A
office towers with tenant's like, SunAmerica, 20th Century Fox, ABC
and HBO and of course MGM Studios as it exists today.
MGM Tower - Century City, CA
MGM Tower - Century City, CA
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