Louis B. Mayer 1950 Hollywood Reporter
Louis B. Mayer's Hollywood Reporter March 24th
1950 . Purchased From the Estate of Ida Koverman
personal assistant to Louis B Mayer. Note Address at
top: Loews Inc Attn: L.B. Mayer MGM Studios

The Hollywood Reporter was Hollywood's first daily
entertainment industry trade paper. It began as a
daily film publication, then added television coverage
in the 1950s and began in the late 1980s to cover
intellectual property industries.

William R. Wilkerson published the first issue of the
Hollywood Reporter on September 3, 1930. This daily
magazine reported on movies, studios and
personalities in an outrageously candid style.
Through its outspoken pages Wilkerson became one
of the town's most colorful and controversial figures.
He began each issue with a self-penned editorial
entitled "Tradeviews", which exposed corrupt studio
practices. "Tradeviews" went on to become one of the
most widely read daily columns in the industry. The
upstart publisher also employed hard-ball tactics to
solicit advertising. Studios were literally blackmailed
into giving their support. If they refused, he ordered
a complete editorial blackout on all their material—
from press releases to film reviews. The corporate
moguls eventually banded together to deal with The
Reporter. They refused Wilkerson all advertising
support and deprived him of news from their studios.
They even hired extra employees to burn The
Hollywood Reporter when it was delivered every
morning at their front gates. At the height of the
battle, his reporters were barred from every lot in
town. Wilkerson told them to climb over the studio
walls and sift through executives' garbage. These
tactics produced a flood of incriminating news, which
Wilkerson cheerfully printed. President Franklin D.
Roosevelt had the paper airmailed daily to his desk at
the White House. By 1936, The Hollywood Reporter
had become something even the most prescient
studio heads never anticipated—a power that rivaled
their own.
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