Actress: Lorraine Krueger

Performed in 281 camp shows
during World War II.
In later years, was a real estate

1946 One Exciting Week
Helen Pickett
1945 Out of This World
Maizie (uncredited)
1944 Here Come the Waves
Wave (uncredited)
1944 Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
Check Girl (uncredited)
1944 Slightly Terrific
1944 Career Girl
1943 The Adventures of a Rookie
Eve - Party Guest (uncredited)
1943 Sarong Girl
Blonde Bridesmaid
1943 He's My Guy
1943 Hi, Buddy
Lorraine Krueger
1941 Unholy Partners
Girl at Party (uncredited)
1941 Model Wife
1940 Dance, Girl, Dance
1940 Golden Gloves
Jenny (uncredited)
1940 The Farmer's Daughter
1940 Tickled Pinky
1939 All Women Have Secrets
1939 Idiot's Delight
Bebe Gould
Lorraine Krueger Final Oscar Ballot 1941
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