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Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks has had to send his statuettes back to the Academy
board for refurbishment because the gold awards started to corrode after coming into
contact with the actor sweaty hands.

The Hollywood star landed consecutive Best Actor honors in 1993 and 1994 for his roles
in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump respectively.

But he admits the Oscars have lost their shine after more than 17 years on his
mantelpiece and they were in such disrepair, he was advised to have them replaced

He explains, My Oscars are a little old. When you get one, the sweat in your hands have
a certain level of acidity or some alkaline so when you grab them¦ that sweat and the
chemicals in your body begin to immediately corrode the gold.

The gold flake was beginning to rust and corrode and crack, and I thought, I'm kinda
proud of these things, and I understood you could send them off to get them refurbished.
So I did, the Academy offers this service.
I got the word back. They said they were in such bad shape, they would be happy to just
give me replacements.

But Hanks decided against getting new Oscars – because the real awards hold so much
sentimental value for him.

He adds, They got serial numbers on them so they are going to try and replate them, and
I'm never gonna touch these things again, I won't put my hands on them or let anybody
else, everybody comes to my house and goes, Can I hold your Oscar? No, no, no, don't
hold my Oscars!
posted 2/28/11
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