Emil Jannings (23 July 1884 - 2 January 1950) was a
German actor. He was not only the first actor to win the
Academy Award for Best Actor, but also the first person to
be presented an Oscar.

1929 was the first year of the Academy Awards,  Emil
Jannings a Swiss born German actor won the Best Actor
award for his performances in the The Way of All Flesh
(1927), and The Last Command (1928).

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16,
1929. At the time talking pictures had began and Jannings
became one of a group of foreign actors who, because of
their accent, was forced to abandon his career in America.

Emil Jannings prior to leaving for Germany and prior to
the Awards dinner requested to receive his award is Oscar
early.  The Academy agreed, thus making this the first
award bestowed.

Jannings was a theater actor who went into films. He
starred in the 1922 film version of Othello and in F. W.
Murnau's The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann, 1924), as a
proud but aged hotel doorman who is demoted to a
restroom attendant. Jannings worked with Murnau on two
other films, playing the title character in Herr Tartüff
(1925) and Mephistopheles in Faust (1926). He eventually
started a career in Hollywood. In 1929 he won the Oscar
for two films, The Way of All Flesh, and The Last

His Hollywood career came to an end with the advent of
talkies; his thick German accent was difficult to
understand, and his dialogue was dubbed by another actor
in the part-talkie The Patriot (1928), although after
Jannings objected, his voice was restored. He returned to
Europe, where he starred opposite Marlene Dietrich in the
1930 film The Blue Angel, filmed in English simultaneously
with its German version Der blaue Engel.
Emil Janning Academy Award at the Berlin Film Museum
The first Academy Award
First Academy Award
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