Louise Glaum, William Conklin
Golden Rule Kate (1917)

1933 Letter from Actor William Conklin
(Actor Producer Relations Academy
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) to
Abraham Lehr (Vice President Samuel
Goldwyn Inc.) regarding an actor dispute
with Moffett Johnson.  In researching
this actor it appears the name may be a  
typo in the letter  and was referencing
Moffat Johnson who had a role in 1934's

William Conklin (December 25, 1872 –
March 21, 1935), was an American actor.
He appeared in 85 silent era motion
pictures between 1913 and 1929.

Joan the Woman (1916)
Golden Rule Kate (1917)
The Haunted Bedroom (1919)
The Virtuous Thief (1919)
Stepping Out (1919)
What Every Woman Learns (1919)
The Woman in the Suitcase (1920)
Sex (1920)
Hairpins (1920)
The Woman He Married (1922)
The Divine Lady (1929)
William Conklin Academy Letter 1933
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