Noreen Nash

I had an opportuntity to ask Ms. Nash a few questions here a few
quick facts.  Ms. Nash's favorite film role was 1948's "Assigned to
Danger" in the role of Bonnie Powers.  She worked at many studios
and had the opportunity to meet L.B. Mayer during her career.  Her
favorite actor was Charles Boyer.  There is nothing she misses about
working in the film industry, and never had any regrets about her
career. She does not recall ever being "star struck" during her
career.  As a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences she attended the Oscars many times.  Her all time favorite
movies are "Shawshank Redemption" and "Waterloo Bridge".
Esther Williams

Esther Jane Williams (born August 8, 1921, although some sources
mistakenly cite 1922.  From 1945 to 1949, Williams had at least
one film listed among the 20 highest grossing films of the year.

Appeared in 27 feature films

Best Known for her
elaborately staged synchronized swimming at MGM and became a
popular star of the 1940s and 1950s.
Cammie King
Is best known for her portrayal of Bonnie Blue Butler in the film
Gone with the Wind (1939). She then voiced the young doe Faline in
Bambi (1942).

Upon reflecting on her film career, Cammie joked, "I peaked at 5."
She spent 40 years working in public relations.
Ruth Terry

Singer-actress Ruth Terry was once described by a journalist as a sparkling
personality inside a bubbly package.  Anyone familiar with the films this cute,
blue-eyed brunette made back in the 1930s and 40s knows what that writer was
talking about

Best remembered today as a cowboy leading lady, Ruth, in truth, acted in only four
legitimate westerns during a career which included 32 features.
Sidney Poitier

In 1963, Poitier became the first black person to win an Academy
Award for Best Actor for his role in Lilies of the Field. The
significance of this achievement was later bolstered in 1967 when he
starred in three well-received films—To Sir, with Love; In the Heat
of the Night; and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner—making him the
top box office star of that year. In 1999, the American Film Institute
named Poitier among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time, ranking
22nd on the list of 25.  In 2002, 38 years after receiving the Best
Actor Award, Poitier was chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences to receive an Honorary Award, designated "To
Sidney Poitier in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments as
an artist and as a human being."
Classic Autographs 3
Greer Garson - Jane Russell - Joan Fontaine - Noreen Nash  
Esther Williams - Cammie King  Ruth Terry - Joan Crawford
Sidney Poitier  - John Agar
Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine (born October 22, 1917) is a British American actress.
She is the younger sister of actress Olivia de Havilland. Along with her
sister, Fontaine is one of the last surviving leading ladies from
Hollywood of the 1930s. Fontaine is the only thespian to have won an
Academy Award for a performance in a film directed by Alfred
Hitchcock.  Nominated for 3 Academy Awards 1941- Academy Award
Best Actress "Suspicion".

A few years back I asked Ms. Fontaine where she kept her Academy
Award? She told me in very enthusiastically her "Rogues Gallery" on a
shelf with her "Hole In One" trophy!!
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Greer Garson

Greer Garson, CBE (September 29, 1904 – April 6, 1996) was a
British-born actress who was very popular during World War II, being
listed by the Motion Picture Herald as one of America's top ten box
office draws in 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, and 1946.  As one of MGM's
major stars of the 1940s, Garson received seven Academy Award
nominations, winning the Best Actress award for Mrs. Miniver (1942).
Jane Russell

Jane Russell (June 21, 1921 – February 28, 2011) was an American
film actress and was one of Hollywood's leading sex symbols in the
1940s and 1950s.  In 1940, Russell was signed to a seven-year contract
by film mogul Howard Hughes and made her motion picture debut in
The Outlaw (1943).
Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford (March 23, 1905 – May 10, 1977) born Lucille Fay LeSueur, was an American actress in film,
television and theatre. Starting as a dancer in traveling theatrical companies before debuting on Broadway,
Crawford was signed to a motion picture contract by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1925.  Mildred Pierce was a
commercial success. It epitomized the lush visual style and the hard-boiled film noir sensibility that defined
Warner Bros. movies of the later 1940s, earning Crawford the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading
Role.  From 1945 to 1952, Crawford reigned as a top star and respected actress, appearing in such roles as
Helen Wright in Humoresque (1946), Louise Howell Graham in Possessed (1947, for which she was nominated
for a second Oscar for Best Actress) and the title role in Daisy Kenyon (also 1947). She did a critically well
received sendup of her screen image in a cameo in the Doris Day-Jack Carson musical, It's a Great Feeling
(1949). Crawford's other movie roles of the era include Lane Bellamy in Flamingo Road (1949), a dual role in
the film noir The Damned Don't Cry (1950) and her performance in the title role of Harriet Craig (1950) at
Columbia Pictures. After filming This Woman Is Dangerous (1952),
John Agar

John G. Agar (January 31, 1921 – April 7, 2002) was an American actor. He starred
alongside John Wayne in the films Sands of Iwo Jima and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, but
was later relegated to B movies, such as Tarantula, The Mole People, The Brain from Planet
Arous, Flesh and the Spur, and Hand of Death. He also starred with Lucille Ball in the 1951
movie The Magic Carpet.  Agar made six movies with John Wayne: Fort Apache, Sands of
Iwo Jima, Big Jake, Chisum, The Undefeated and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. He also made
two movies with Shirley Temple, Fort Apache and Adventure in Baltimore, also starring
Robert Young.