From the Governors Ball 2003 75th Academy
Awards Anniversary Scrap Book.
You can see more of this great scrap book on
the 75th Anniversary Page.
From the Governors Ball
2004 76th Academy Awards leather bound
Oscar legends  book remembering Katharine
Hepburn, Bob Hope, Gregory Peck 36 pages of
photographs commemorating their careers
from Roddy McDowells photographic archive.
2004 76th Academy Awards Governors Ball Menu
From the Governors Ball
2006 78th Academy Awards  Oscar Style book
63 pages of photographs commemorating some
of Oscars most stylish friends.
2006 78th Academy Awards Governors Ball Menu
2003 75th Academy Awards Governors Ball Menu
2008 80th Academy Awards Governors Ball Menu
From the Governors Ball
2008 80th Academy Awards Best Picture Flip
books.  Eight flip book Scenes from eight best
picture winners.
"It Happened One Night", "From Here to
Eternity", "The French Connection",
"Titanic", "Casablanca", "West Side Story",
"Amadeus", "Wings"
Below are "Party Favors" gifts  given to attendee's of the Board of Governors Ball.

Date of the first Governors Ball March 26, 1958, following the 30th Academy Awards
presentation. Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel inthe Grand Ballroom.  Number of Governors
Balls, including the 81st Academy Awards: 51
2009 81st Academy Awards Governors Ball Menu
From the Governors Ball
2008 81st Board of Governors Ball Menu and
81st Nominees Collection.  An exquisite gift box
containing 55 photos, 4.25" x 5.25", in on very
high-end card stock with a photo on the front
and  description of the nominations on back
Academy Awards Governors Ball
Gold Dusted
Chocolate Oscar
Oscar M&M's
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