One of the most obtainable, affordable, and desired pieces of Academy Awards Memorabilia is the
official Academy Awards issued ceremony program.  These programs are given to invited attendees of
the Academy Awards ceremony each year.   In recent years these ceremony programs have also been
made available on Oscar night to the general public for those in attendance of Oscar Night America
charity events in various cities around the US.

There are two aspects that set one Academy Awards Program apart from another, making each
ceremony program unique and desirable in its own right. The first is the year the program was issued
including who the winning film/actors were associated with that particular year, and the second is the
overall design and artwork of a particular years program.

The contents of the ceremony programs is relatively basic and consistent year to year.  The content is
made up mostly of  text listings of all categories, nominees, performers, and sponsors. Some of the more
recent programs have contained some historical content or photos.

Academy Awards ceremony programs can range in value from $20 to $500 dollars depending on the
year and condition.  Early ceremony years (1927-1940) are increasingly rare as fewer programs were
produced and many did not survive, thus these programs can demand a value of several hundred-dollars.
 I have only encountered one program from the 1930's outside of grainy scans.  Another consideration
that can dramatically impact the value is the condition of the program.

There is the occasional X factor encountered with ceremony programs such as when one or more
notable individuals from the film industry have signed a program or when a program comes from the
estate of a notable film industry individual, provided it is backed by credible provenance.  Many times
ceremony programs are sold with a grouping of other items most commonly unused tickets or ticket stub
from an awards ceremony.  All of these factors can obviously increase the value of the ceremony
program greatly.

During my personal collecting experience I have found that value and rarity begins with programs prior
to 1950.   Below is an estimated value table based on actual auction final values that I have had first
hand experience with over a ten-year period.   Clearly, this is an opinion rather than an accurate census,
but it is one that is put forward by someone who has done a tremendous amount of research on
Academy Awards Memorabilia over the years.

1927-1944 - $100-$400

1945-1955 - $75-$200

1955-1968 - $50-$100

1968-1980 - $40-$50

1981-1990 - $25-$40

1991-2011 - $15-$35

Wanted Program Images
If you have any of the Programs that would fill my "Blank Spaces" and would be willing to send me a
.jpg please contact me.

Academy Awards Programs can be found in a variety of places from Ebay to numerous online
memorabilia auction houses.  It is a matter of timing and regularly checking the auction site listings.

All of the program images in the Awards Programs galleries are from my personal collection, unless
noted.  There are a few images that have been provided to me by fellow collectors and I have noted the
image with a photo credit.
Academy Awards Programs
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