31st Academy Awards
April 6, 1959
Production staff Auto Pass
37th Annual Academy Awards
April 5th, 1965
Auto Pass
48th Annual Academy Awards
March 29, 1976
49th Academy Awards
Auto Pass
March 28th, 1977
76th Academy Awards
Auto Pass
February 29th, 2004
74th Academy Awards
Auto Pass
March 24th, 2002
72nd Academy Awards
Limo Pass
March 26th 2000
Production Auto Parking Pass
March 23, 2002
53rd Academy Awards
Rehearsal Auto Pass
March 31st 1981
43rd Academy Awards
Parking Permit
April 15th 1971
61st Academy Awards
Limo Pass
March 29th 1989
An assortment of automobile, parking, and limo
passes from the Academy Awards.
Academy Awards Auto Passes
Greer Garson
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