Nomination Certificate
Song 1946
"Ole Buttermilk Sky" From "Canyon Passage"
Hoagy Carmichael
Nomination Certificate
Song 1958
"Gigi" from "Gigi"
Frederick Loewe and Allan Fay Lerner
Image Courtesy of Mark Stephens
Nomination Certificate
Story and Screenplay 1957
"Man Of A Thousand Faces"
R. Wright Campbell, Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts
Nomination Certificate
Best Actress 1968
Katharine Hepburn
"The Lion In Winter"
Nomination Certificate
John Ford's nomination for producing 1952 best
pic nominee "The Quiet Man"

(Photos: Bonham's Auction House)
Nomination Certificate
Frank Nugent nomination for Screenplay 1952  
"The Quiet Man"

(Photos: Bonham's Auction House)
Nomination Certificate
Arianne Phillips
Costume Design "Walk the Line"
Nomination Certificate
Bernard Herrmann
Original Score "Taxi Driver"

Herrmann resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in
1967 on the grounds that "there's no point to belonging to an organization in
which one is judged by one's inferiors". They repaid the compliment by ignoring
nearly all his great scores, not even nominating him for films such as Vertigo,
North by Northwest, Psycho, Marnie, Fahrenheit 451 or The Bride Wore Black.
In his lifetime he was nominated for just three films: in 1941 for his first two,
Citizen Kane and All That Money can Buy, and in 1946 for Anna and the King
of Siam. It was All That Money Can Buy rather than Citizen Kane that won him
his only Oscar. After his death Taxi Driver and Obsession were both nominated,
but the award went instead to Jerry Goldsmith for The Omen. Taxi Driver did
however get its BAFTA.
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