Academy Appreciation Certificate
Jack Haley Jr. 51st Academy Awards
Image Courtesy of Mark Stephens Collection
Make up Artist Emile R. La Vigne
Membership Certificate.  Signed by Academy President Walter
Mirisch.  La Vigne workd on 97 films between 1939 nad 1980
including notable films such as;
The Wizard of Oz (1939) (makeup artist: Jack Haley)
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
Original Rare
12th Annual Academy Awards Mono Match Book 1939.
This item was featured in the form of a replica in the
75th annual governors ball scrapbook
Vintage Awards Show Buttons
Courtesy of Mark Stephens Collection
Awards Show Pins
Courtesy of Mark Stephens Collection
Governors Ball Pins
74th and 76th
66th Pin
Orchestra Participant Badges
80th Governors Ball Pin
Michael Ovitz
63rd Backstage passes
66th Security Badge
Orchestra Participant Badges
Judy Ovitz
66th Backstage passes
Vintage "screw" Oscar Pin
Academy Awards Memorabilia 1
Oscar Buttons - Pins - Badges
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