Kodak Theater opened November 2001. Located at Hollywood
and Highland (6801 Hollywood Blvd). The center piece of a
Hollywood revitalization, and arguably one of the most
ambitious real estate developments in the world, this venue
combines over 70 world class retailers, a six screen expansion of
Graumans Theater, and a new 640- room Renaissance
Hollywood Hotel. The Kodak is now the permanent home to the
Academy Awards Ceremony. This $94 million dollar project has
a seating capacity from 2,200 to 3,500. Including 24 theater
boxes with four seats each. In addition the Kodak has a 40,000
square-foot Grand Ball room. The Kodak has hosted the 74th -
83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremonies and counting.
By NICK MADIGAN New York Times

The Kodak Theater is considerably smaller than the Shrine Auditorium,
the award ceremony's most frequent site in recent years, and even the
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. With just 3,100 seats in the Kodak, many of
the academy's own members, as well as studio executives who normally
consider themselves a shoo-in, were locked out, leading to dark
mutterings and wounded feelings.

The upset over the lockouts -- as well as complaints that the acoustics
in the Kodak Theater are so poor that some concert promoters have
canceled events there -- prompted the administrator of the 76-year-old
Shrine Auditorium to predict last week that the academy would opt out
of its 20-year lease at the Kodak and return to the Shrine, with its 6,300
seats. As part of the enticement, the Shrine plans a $3 million
81st Academy Awards Stage
Kodak Theater
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The Grand Staircase entrance columns hall to
the Kodak Theatre is flanked by columns
displaying the names of winners of the
Academy Awards for Best Picture since
1927-1928, with blank spaces left for future
Best Picture winners well into the 21st
Academy Awards Show Venues 1929 to Present
Kodak Theater - Hollywood

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