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Academy Award Winners 1927 - 1939
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(1st) 1927-28   Host - Douglas Fairbanks, William C. deMille, Academy President May 16,

Best Picture:
*"WINGS", "The Racket", "Seventh Heaven" ["The Way of All Flesh" and "The Last Command"
are omitted from the latest official Academy list unique and Artistic Picture (also known as Artistic
Quality of Production): "SUNRISE", "Chang",  "The Crowd"
*EMIL JANNINGS in "The Way of All Flesh" and "The Last Command", Richard Barthelmess in
"The Noose" and "The Patent Leather Kid" [Charles Chaplin, originally announced for "The
Circus," was removed from the category and given a special Honorary Award instead]
*JANET GAYNOR in "Seventh Heaven", "Street Angel", and  "Sunrise", Louise Dresser in "A
Ship Comes In", Gloria Swanson in "Sadie Thompson"
*FRANK BORZAGE for "Seventh Heaven", Herbert Brenon for "Sorrell and Son", King Vidor for  
"The Crowd"
Comedy Direction:
*LEWIS MILESTONE for "Two Arabian Knights", Ted Wilde for "Speedy" Charlie Chaplin,
originally was to receive an Oscar for "The Circus," was removed from the category and given a
special Honorary Award instead

(2nd) 1928-29   Host - William C. deMille, Academy President  April 3, 1930

Best Picture:
*"THE BROADWAY MELODY", "Alibi", "Hollywood Revue", "In Old Arizona", "The Patriot"
*WARNER BAXTER in "In Old Arizona", George Bancroft in "Thunderbolt", Chester Morris in
"Alibi", Paul Muni in "The Valiant", Lewis Stone in "The Patriot"
*MARY PICKFORD in "Coquette", Ruth Chatterton in "Madame X", Betty Compson in "The
Barker", Jeanne Eagels in "The Letter", Corinne Griffith in "The Divine Lady," Bessie Love in
"Broadway Melody"
*FRANK LLOYD for "The Divine Lady" (also nominated or considered for "Drag" and "Weary
River"), Lionel Barrymore for "Madame X", Harry Beaumont for "Broadway Melody", Irving
Cummings for "In Old Arizona", Ernst Lubitsch for "The Patriot"
Art Direction:
*CEDRIC GIBBONS for "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" and other pictures, Hans Dreier for "The
Patriot", Mitchell Leisen for "Dynamite", William Cameron Menzies for "Alibi" and "The
Awakening", and Harry Oliver for "Street Angel"

(3rd) 1929-30  Host - Conrad Nagel  November 5, 1930

Best Picture:
* "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT", "The Big House", "Disraeli", "The Divorcee", "The
Love Parade"
*GEORGE ARLISS in "Disraeli", George Arliss in "The Green Goddess", Wallace Beery in "The
Big House", Maurice Chevalier in "The Big Pond", Maurice Chevalier in "The Love Parade",
Ronald Colman in "Bulldog Drummond", Ronald Colman in "Condemned", Lawrence Tibbett in
"The Rogue Song"
*NORMA SHEARER in "The Divorcee", Nancy Carroll in "The Devil's Holiday", Ruth Chatterton
in "Sarah and Son", Greta Garbo in "Anna Christie", Greta Garbo in "Romance", Norma Shearer
in "Their Own Desire", Gloria Swanson in "The Trespasser"
*LEWIS MILESTONE for  "All Quiet On The Western Front", Clarence Brown for "Anna
Christie", Robert Z. Leonard for "The Divorcee", Ernst Lubitsch for "The Love Parade", King
Vidor for "Hallelujah"

(4th) 1930-31   MC - Lawrence Grant  November 10, 1931

Best Picture:
*"CIMARRON", "East Lynne", "The Front Page", "Skippy", "Trader Horn"
*LIONEL BARRYMORE in "A Free Soul", Jackie Cooper in "Skippy", Richard Dix in "Cimarron",
Fredric March in "The Royal Family of Broadway", Adolphe Menjou in "The Front Page"
*MARIE DRESSLER in "Min and Bill", Marlene Dietrich in "Morocco", Irene Dunne in
"Cimarron", Ann Harding in "Holiday", Norma Shearer in "A Free Soul"
*NORMAN TAUROG for "Skippy", Clarence Brown for "A Free Soul", Lewis Milestone for "The
Front Page", Wesley Ruggles for "Cimarron", Josef von Sternberg for "Morocco"

(5th) 1931-32  Host - Conrad Nagel, Academy President  November 18, 1932

Best Picture:
*"GRAND HOTEL", "Arrowsmith", "Bad Girl", "The Champ", "Five Star Final", "One Hour With
You", "Shanghai Express", "The Smiling Lieutenant"
*FREDRIC MARCH in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and WALLACE BEERY in "The Champ" (tie),
Alfred Lunt in "The Guardsman"
*HELEN HAYES in "The Sin of Madelon Claudet", Marie Dressler in "Emma", Lynn Fontanne in
"The Guardsman"
*FRANK BORZAGE for "Bad Girl", King Vidor for "The Champ", Josef von Sternberg for
"Shanghai Express"
Special Award: Walt Disney for creating Mickey Mouse

(6th) 1932-33  MC - Will Rogers  March 16, 1934

Best Picture:
*"CAVALCADE", "A Farewell to Arms",  "42nd Street", "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang",
"Lady for a Day", "Little Women", "The Private Life of Henry VIII",
"She Done Him Wrong", "Smilin' Through", "State Fair"
*CHARLES LAUGHTON in "The Private Life of Henry VIII", Leslie Howard in "Berkeley Square",
Paul Muni in "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang"
*KATHARINE HEPBURN in "Morning Glory", May Robson in "Lady for a Day", Diana Wynyard in
*FRANK LLOYD for "Cavalcade", Frank Capra for "Lady For a Day", George Cukor for "Little

(7th) 1934  MC - Irvin S. Cobb  February 27, 1935

Best Picture:
*"IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT", "The Barretts of Wimpole Street", "Cleopatra", "Flirtation Walk",
"The Gay Divorcee", "Here Comes the Navy", "The House of Rothschild", "Imitation of Life",
"One Night of Love", "The Thin Man", "Viva Villa!", "The White Parade"
*CLARK GABLE in  "It Happened One Night", Frank Morgan in "Affairs of Cellini", William
Powell in "The Thin Man"
*CLAUDETTE COLBERT in  "It Happened One Night", Grace Moore in "One Night of Love",
Norma Shearer in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street"
*FRANK CAPRA for  "It Happened One Night", Victor Schertzinger for "One Night of Love", W.
S. Van Dyke for "The Thin Man"

(8th) 1935 Host - Frank Capra, Academy President  March 5, 1936

Best Picture:
*"MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY", "Alice Adams", "The Broadway Melody of 1936", "Captain Blood",
"David Copperfield", "The Informer", "Lives of a Bengal Lancer", "A Midsummer Night's
Dream", "Les Miserables", "Naughty Marietta", "Ruggles of Red Gap",  "Top Hat"
*VICTOR MCLAGLEN in "The Informer", Clark Gable in "Mutiny on the Bounty", Charles
Laughton in "Mutiny on the Bounty", Franchot Tone in "Mutiny on the Bounty"
*BETTE DAVIS in "Dangerous", Elisabeth Bergner in "Escape Me Never", Claudette Colbert in
"Private Worlds", Katharine Hepburn in "Alice Adams", Miriam Hopkins in "Becky Sharp", Merle
Oberon in "The Dark Angel"
*JOHN FORD for "The Informer", Michael Curtiz for "Captain Blood", Henry Hathaway for "Lives
of a Bengal Lancer", Frank Lloyd for "Mutiny on the Bounty"

(9th) 1936  MC - George Jessel  March 4, 1937

Best Picture:
*"THE GREAT ZIEGFELD", "Anthony Adverse", "Dodsworth", "Libeled Lady", "Mr. Deeds Goes
to Town", "Romeo and Juliet", "San Francisco", "The Story of Louis Pasteur", "A Tale of Two
Cities", "Three Smart Girls"
*PAUL MUNI in "The Story of Louis Pasteur", Gary Cooper in "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", Walter
Huston in "Dodsworth", William Powell in "My Man Godfrey", Spencer Tracy in "San Francisco"
*LUISE RAINER in "The Great Ziegfeld", Irene Dunne in "Theodora Goes Wild", Gladys George in
"Valiant Is the Word for Carrie", Carole Lombard in "My Man Godfrey", Norma Shearer in
"Romeo and Juliet"
Supporting Actor:
*WALTER BRENNAN in "Come and Get It", Mischa Auer in "My Man Godfrey", Stuart Erwin in
"Pigskin Parade", Basil Rathbone in "Romeo and Juliet", Akim Tamiroff in "The General Died at
Supporting Actress:
*GALE SONDERGAARD in "Anthony Adverse", Beulah Bondi in "The Gorgeous Hussy", Alice
Brady in "My Man Godfrey", Bonita Granville in "These Three," Maria Ouspenskaya in
*FRANK CAPRA for "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", Gregory La Cava for "My Man Godfrey", Robert
Z. Leonard for "The Great Ziegfeld", W. S. Van Dyke for "San Francisco", William Wyler for

(10th) 1937  MC - Bob Burns  March 10, 1938

Best Picture:
*THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA, "The Awful Truth", "Captains Courageous", "Dead End", "The Good
Earth", "In Old Chicago", "Lost Horizon", "One Hundred Men and a Girl", "Stage Door", "A Star
is Born"
*SPENCER TRACY in "Captains Courageous", Charles Boyer in "Conquest", Fredric March in "A
Star is Born", Robert Montgomery in "Night Must Fall", Paul Muni in "The Life of Emile Zola"
*LUISE RAINER in "The Good Earth", Irene Dunne in "The Awful Truth", Greta Garbo in
"Camille", Janet Gaynor in "A Star is Born", Barbara Stanwyck in "Stella Dallas"
Supporting Actor:
*JOSEPH SCHILDKRAUT in "The Life of Emile Zola", Ralph Bellamy in "The Awful Truth",
Thomas Mitchell in "The Hurricane", H. B. Warner in "Lost Horizon", Roland Young in "Topper"
Supporting Actress:
*ALICE BRADY in "In Old Chicago", Andrea Leeds in "Stage Door", Anne Shirley in "Stella
Dallas", Claire Trevor in "Dead End", May Whitty in "Night Must Fall"
*LEO MCCAREY for "The Awful Truth", William Dieterle for "The Life of Emile Zola", Sidney
Franklin for "The Good Earth", Gregory La Cava for "Stage Door", William Wellmann for "A Star
is Born"

(11th) 1938  Host Frank Capra, Academy President  Awards: February 23, 1939

*"YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU",  "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Alexander's Ragtime
Band", "Boys Town", "The Citadel", "Four Daughters", "Grand Illusion", "Jezebel", "Pygmalion",
"Test Pilot"
*SPENCER TRACY in "Boys Town", Charles Boyer in "Algiers", James Cagney in "Angels With
Dirty Faces", Robert Donat in "The Citadel", Leslie Howard in "Pygmalion"
*BETTE DAVIS in "Jezebel", Fay Bainter in "White Banners", Wendy Hiller in "Pygmalion",
Norma Shearer in "Marie Antoinette", Margaret Sullavan in "Three Comrades"
Supporting Actor:
*WALTER BRENNAN in "Kentucky", John Garfield in "Four Daughters", Gene Lockhart in
"Algiers", Robert Morley in "Marie Antoinette", Basil Rathbone in "If I Were King"
Supporting Actress:
*FAY BAINTER in "Jezebel", Beulah Bondi in "Of Human Hearts", Billie Burke in "Merrily We
Live", Spring Byington in "You Can't Take it With You", Miliza Korjus in "The Great Waltz"
*FRANK CAPRA for "You Can't Take It With You", Michael Curtiz for "Angels With Dirty
Faces", Michael Curtiz for "Four Daughters", Norman Taurog for "Boys Town", King Vidor for
"The Citadel"

(12th) 1939 MC - Bob Hope (for last half only)  February 29, 1940

Best Picture:
*"GONE WITH THE WIND", "Dark Victory", "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", "Love Affair",  "Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington",  "Ninotchka", "Of Mice and Men",  "Stagecoach",  "The Wizard of Oz",  
"Wuthering Heights"
*ROBERT DONAT in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", Clark Gable in  "Gone With The Wind", Laurence
Olivier in  "Wuthering Heights", Mickey Rooney in "Babes in Arms", James Stewart in  "Mr.
Smith Goes to Washington"
*VIVIEN LEIGH in  "Gone With The Wind", Bette Davis in "Dark Victory", Irene Dunne in "Love
Affair", Greta Garbo in  "Ninotchka", Greer Garson in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
Supporting Actor:
*THOMAS MITCHELL in  "Stagecoach", Brian Aherne in "Juarez", Harry Carey in  "Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington", Brian Donlevy in "Beau Geste", Claude Rains in  "Mr. Smith Goes to
Supporting Actress:
*HATTIE MCDANIEL in  "Gone With The Wind", Olivia de Havilland in  "Gone With The Wind",
Geraldine Fitzgerald in  "Wuthering Heights", Edna May Oliver in "Drums Along the Mohawk",
Maria Ouspenskaya in "Love Affair"
*VICTOR FLEMING for  "Gone With The Wind", Frank Capra for  "Mr. Smith Goes to
Washington", John Ford for  "Stagecoach", Sam Wood for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", William Wyler
for  "Wuthering Heights"